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Luxury hotel brands partner with us in order to better understand and manage their risk and resilience challenges. Our malicious risk specialists work alongside in-house teams to build safe, effective and efficient strategies around political violence, terrorism, kidnap for ransom, extortion, travel in hostile environments, business resilience and crisis response.

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Designed specifically for those with accountability for safety and security of complex property portfolios, at a corporate level.

The RMA can transform a brand’s understanding of their risk environment and helps key staff keep on top of their resilience plans. Hosting property audits, risk assessments and incidents reports, users can understand and analyse risk across their portfolios, stay on top of remedial actions and be confident in their crisis response. Monitoring and measurement of plans can be done at the touch of a button and the associated insights make for more informed strategic and investment decision making.

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Luxury hotel brands are often looking for specific support, often at times of significant change such as in the  design of a new property, during a refurbishment, when planning a major event, or after an incident.

Our Threat, Vulnerability and Risk (TVR) Assessments provide an independent and expert third party evaluation for organisations to understand their exposure to malicious threats both at a local and corporate level.

Providing a solid foundation on which to develop and build duty of care, resilience and crisis management plans as well as insurance cover.

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Corporate Crisis Management System

Luxury hotel brands are well practiced at dealing with the unexpected. But when a major event creates uncertainty or instability a brand’s global reputation can come under threat.

Working with our clients we ensure that they can continue to operate, in the event of any disruptive incident ensuring plans are tailored to the specific needs and culture of their brand. We work with clients to undertake maturity assessments of their current systems, undertake impact analyses, develop corporate policies and plans and define responsibilities and accountabilities. We also deliver training, crisis rehearsal and crisis management exercises.

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Duty of Care Review

Responsible organisations seek reassurance that their people are working in safe and secure environments, be that at a fixed place of work or when travelling domestically or overseas. With threats and risks constantly evolving, duty of care responsibilities are increasingly front of mind across all sectors.

Often clients have many of the component parts of duty of care in place, but are struggling to align and orchestrate them. We help clients to understand and manage their duty of care obligations from both a legal and moral standpoint in relation to their domestic, international and travel risk management operations.

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• Understanding Threats
• Security Governance
• Business Continuity Management
• Travel Risk Management
• Annual Risk Assessments and Quarterly Risk Audits
• Property Visit Programmes
• Issues Management and Analytical Support
• Insurance Broking
• Security Director and Security Team Training


Organisations are becoming increasingly concerned about the threats they face from individuals or groups intent on undertaking malicious acts of violence. These can range from organised terrorist groups and radicalised individuals, to disgruntled clients, members of the public or simply those suffering from complex mental health issues. Whatever the driving force behind a malicious act, organisations, especially those open to the public need to be sure that they have thorough, tried and tested processes and procedures in place.
Jerry Smith OBE, Head of Advisory, CHC Global


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